Dave Hodge

David Hodge has an extensive background in business that includes over 25 years of experience in the management and financing of publicly traded companies.


Colton Griffith

Colton is a skilled marketing professional with many years of experience working with Zimtu Capital focusing on developing impactful marketing strategies and programs for public companies, as well as taking part in crucial business development projects. Prior to his work with Zimtu Capital, Colton served as a performance marketing specialist for a diverse range of clients, including major European soccer clubs, lawyers, Real Estate companies, and e-commerce businesses.

Director, CFO

Jody Bellefleur

Jody Bellefleur is a CPA, CGA with over 20 years’ of experience as a corporate accountant , and is responsible for all aspects of regulatory financial reporting.


Mike Hodge

Mike has worked on more than 25 exploration projects across North America and is currently the President & CEO of Saville Resources. His most recent field work was Operations Manager for a quarry on Vancouver Island. Mike’s marketing experience was developed through his extensive participation in global resource conferences and workshops during the past decade, and he has seen enjoyed considerable success raising corporate capital, including for a number of portfolio companies within Zimtu Capital Corp


Jason Birmingham

Mr. Birmingham has thirty-three years of capital markets experience in board and committee activities, regulatory compliance, finance, investor relations, project negotiation and acquisition. Mr. Birmingham completed the Canadian Securities Course in 1995 and completed the Real Estate Salesperson’s Sub-Mortgage Broker’s Pre-Licensing Course through the Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration, at the University of British Columbia in 1996.


Ray Strafehl

Mr. Strafehl was a former stock exchange trader, investment advisor and registered Commodity Trading Advisor for more than 20 years. He also founded VentureBC, a venture organization, where he assisted over two-hundred capital start-up and early-stage companies. He served several public mining companies in roles as president, director, and corporate relations over the past 15 years.